I'm Frantisek Lucivjansky

Passionate Web | iOS | Java developer


I was born.

Graduation at secondary school

Obtained Graduation in Graphic systems at the Secondary Technical School of Engineering in Spišská Nová Ves

Started studying at university

Started studying at the Technical University of Košice Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Started working at NESS KDC, s.r.o.

Before working on projects, I attended 3 months of various technical courses which prepared me for work.

Junior software tester at Navteq project


White/Black box and regression testing of SOAP services with using SoapUI tool.
Coding of automation tests in Groovy script.
Working close with developers in the Scrum team.

Obtained Bachelor's degree (Bc.) in Informatics

Bachelor thesis: Graphics editor in JAVA language

Junior Java Developer at Navteq project

Due to great coding skills in automation tests I was moved to developer position within the same project


Development, maintenance and testing of SOAP services focused on authentication and authorization.
Participated in software product definition and analysis
Working close with testers in the Scrum team where I tried also Scrum Master role.
Using mainly following technologies: Java EE, SQL, PL/SQL, Hibernate, Spring

Experienced Web developer at Perform


Analysis, architecture, development and maintenance of websites and applications for many Perform clients. Creating automated unit and integration tests. Working with modern web technologies. Focusing on optimalisation of websites for mobile phones including responsive layouts and html5 features. Working in the Scrum team. Scrum Master role. Leading development team of 4 people and 2 testers. Analysing requirements and proposing new solutions. Working close with project managers and architects.
Using mainly following technologies: JavaScript (frameworks/libraries: BackboneJS, jQuery, PhantomJS, CasperJS), XML, json, CSS(2,3), HTML(4,5), Freemarker, XSLT.

Projects: FEI TV | ManUtd TV | ECB TV | FedCup TV | DavisCup TV | HTML5 player which is used on many Perform sites.

iOS Developer

In parallel with Perform webdev project I accepted challenge to do updates of 2 iOS apps for Harrods and Liverpool footbal club (LFC Tracker) in my free time.
With minimal skills in iOS development I was able to fully cover both apps and succesfully deliver them to App Store within 2 months.

Obtained Master's degree (Ing.) in Informatics

Diploma thesis: Integration of Applications and Services for Monitoring of Student’s Progress in Case Studies

Software engineer at Wirecard

I joined the Wirecard in October 2014 as software engineer. Since then I've worked on several projects:


The WebUI is fronted application (SPA) to manage financial account/s (similar to PayPal but better ;)). This was the first project I joined in Wirecard. When I joined the team, the project has not been on production and it haven't had a lot of features yet. The application is built as whitelabel and branded for B2B clients. The brands are produced in build time and therefor any change to it requires new deployment. The frontend app is built using EmberJS framework. I personally was involved in implementation of many application features and together with my colegues we delivered branded application to production for 10+ B2B clients.
Some highlights of my contributions I am proud of:
  • components for forms - I created generic components for building forms which increased our team productivity when building new pages and it also standardized how we build the forms
  • Grunt -> Gulp - Originally the frontend project was built using Grunt and the build took 40 seconds when file in whitelabel was changed. For brands it could reach up to 1 minute. I refactored whole build process into Gulp and now build takes 6-8 seconds no matter if it is whitelabel or brand.
  • branding architecture - together with my colleague we created concept how whitelabel is branded and later we extended it with many features. Basically now there is possible to change anything in whitelabel brand with only little effort.

Main technologies used: JavaScript, EmberJS, SASS, Gulp, BFF - Java + Spring


It is one of the WebUI brand for Wirecard itself. It shares 90% code with the whitelabel WebUI but as addition it contains runtime branding engine which serves hundreeds of clients whose have limited customization options which are made online (it does not require new version deployment). For example clients can change logo, texts, static content, some configuration. I can say that I drived the architecture of this project. I designed how app should fetch the configuration from server, how login to multiple tenants should work, how app will brand itself after login or based on url, I designed the process how configuration can be changed. Besides design of arhitecture I was part of development team and together with my colegues we successfully delivered this product to production on time and now it serve tousands of Wirecard users.
Main technologies used: BFF - Java, Spring, Kotlin (configuration change service - batch job), ReactJS (configuration UI), plus same technologies used as for Whitelabel WebUI.

Brand Server

This project was not in our team ownership but we used it as payout configuration provider backend app. Me together with my collegues successfully contributed to it where we developed services needed for our needs, like storing and getting the payout configuration and static content like images or pdf files. It was great experience for me because we collaborated with external (remote) team and we needed align decision process, code reviews or releases together.
Main technologies used: Java, Spring, Oracle DB

Transaction Banking

After spending 4 years on WebUI/Payout project I took the challenge on new project as software architect. We are building totally new product (from scratch) for banking industry (I cannot tell more from business side). I am personally responsible for designing frontend solution for this product and I am also part of architecture group which takes technical decisions how the product will be developed. Since we started (1 year ago) I designed architecture of our frontend apps with code sharing (monorepo) and app build time branding with strong contract between brands (using custom Webpack loader + TypeScript). I decided to use TypeScript as a main programming language and ReactJS as a main applications framework but I am investigating options how we can better handle scaling of the development team and one of the option I am considering is to build the apps using microfrontends. We are not on production yet, but after one year we have fully working MVP.
Main technologies used: TypeScript, ReactJS, JSS, Webpack, Jest


This was side project where I designed and developed tool by which we were able to create whitelabel brands. It supports online changes of design (from changing SASS variables to changing static content like images), it also supports changing of multilanguage texts and it even supports importing brands which has custom JS code. The best about this tool is that it has live preview (including responsive preview) and the changes are visible immediatelly. It was sold to some clients and clients created brands by themself. We also provided this tool to our marketing department and they created design using this tool for 5 clients. The tool works only offline - it does not have any backend, it works on import/export phylosophy.

Payout mobile app

I took this as another side project and as a challenge to prove to management that React Native is good technology for Payout mobile app. I created fully working concept just within 2 weeks and proved to management that RN is good choice. Then the new team was created which developed final app and delivered it to app store. I was not part of that team because I needed to continue with Payout web app but I continued as tech. consultant for that team.

Tool for estimations

That was funny :). I received more than 100 subprojects which I needed to estimate for higher management. I was not happy with the structure of subprojects therefor I created simple tool in 2 days where together with BA we split these subprojects into more than 400 features, we categorized them and estimated every feature. It was success and now we have clear road map :).
It is possible to try that tool online: http://affinity.devfl.com


Besides frontend or ocassionaly backend design and development I spend some time developing CI/CD processes/environment. I have experience with Jenkins (not just as a user but also using Jenkins DSL api by which it is possible to create jobs programatically) and Gitlab CI. For example for the Transaction Banking project I developed CI/CD pipeline where we run build > run unit tests -> start the app against mock and run E2E selenium tests -> deployment to DEV environment Sometimes I also change or develop new some puppet / ansible scripts. But I am not expert at these, but I can do whatever I need with these tools.


I did a lot of technical interviews with candidates and helped Wirecard to hire a lot of good software engineers.



  • JavaScript
    • ReactJS
    • EmberJS
    • jQuery
    • BackboneJS
    • AngularJS
    • Jest
  • HTML
    • SEO (Semantic HTML, Schema)
  • CSS
    • Box Model
    • CSS Modules
  • Typescript
  • XSLT
  • PHP


    • Spring
    • Spring data
    • Hibernate
  • SQL
  • NodeJS


  • Objective-C (Cocoa touch)
  • React Native


  • Webpack
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • SVN
  • Git
  • Jira
  • Photoshop
  • Scrum
  • English
  • Driving licence